Geofreeze's Commitment

Geofreeze has provided engineered construction solutions for residential and commercial projects since 1979. Geofreeze is proud of its record of offering creative and innovative approaches to solve challenging and difficult projects.

Geofreeze provides full service technical assistance and offers diverse technical approaches to solve problems cost-effectively for:

  • the restoration of structures and their foundations
  • retaining walls
  • sheeting and shoring
  • foundation underpinning
  • ground water control
  • storm water management

Our market area is restricted by choice, to the Washington D.C, metropolitan area and our customer base is residential and selected commercial and governmental projects.

Geofreeze would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Problems you may have


    Diagonal or "stair step" cracks in walls occur particularly in exterior walls.


    Horizontal or vertical cracks and "bowing-in" of basement walls.